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“Perfect 10” Group Exhibit at La Bodega Gallery

This group exhibition, hosted by La Bodega Gallery, inspired artists to create pieces in any subject, and any medium. There was one caveat: all pieces must be the same size.

One of the best things about themed shows is that they always spur inspiration. It can be pretty easy to get stuck in a creative block or feel uninspired when working on large collections of work…but with that being said, it can also be hard to create a piece in a theme that you’re not really too familiar with.

So, when La Bodega Gallery started welcoming artist applications for their Perfect 10 group exhibition, I jumped at the idea of being restricted to a 10×10 canvas.

Rather than limiting the subject, we artists were limited to canvas size (not type though, whew–that’d sure be interesting!).

For this show, I decided to stick with the Amazon/jungle-inspired theme I worked in for most of 2019 and went with my “Jaguar” stamp on a wooden canvas.

Then, for fun, I tried a palette knife stroke of red and orange across the bottom.


It was my first time using a palette knife but I really wanted to add that extra stroke of fierceness to this stamp, and feel like that splash of color definitely did that! Color is something I want to incorporate more in my pieces, to give them a little more of my latinx flair.

Apparently this color also inspired my gallery assistant, Benjy, to get to work! Here he is helping me add wiring to this wood panel:


He works quickly.

I always love to see the different ways other artists interpret show themes…it’s always so fun to see all the pieces together in the end: they’re alike, but they’re also so. different.

As an example, check out this image taken from the doors of La Bodega’s old space (do you see my little guy there in the bottom row??)

La Bodega Gallery always puts on such great shows that I love participating in!

The Perfect 10 Group Exhibit ran from October 12 to October 21, 2019 at La Bodega Gallery in Barrio Logan, San Diego, CA. See more details on the event page.

What’s your favorite art theme or subject?

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