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“Community Service” Group Exhibit at Visual Shop

This group exhibition at Visual Shop was my first art show ever! Check out these pics from opening night.

Do you remember the first time you posted a picture of your art to your personal social media? For me, it was about a month before participating in this group exhibit in Visual Shop’s gallery.

This was my first show ever. Yes, ever!

The Community Service art show was an awesome experience and great neighborhood event–it was during North Park Art Night, where most of the shops down 30th Street host their own art shows.


There was a bunch of different styles of art in the show, and a lot of street art (Visual Shop is known for partnering with street artists!). So there was a huge collection to look through, from spray painted street signs to warm photographs, and a few more traditional pieces.

The Community Service Group Exhibit ran from June 30 to July 15, 2018 at  Visual Shop in North Park, San Diego, CA.

Thanks to Jason for welcoming me to my first show, to everyone who came to support the show, and to the barista who bought my artwork during the show!


This print of Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction is one of my favorites…what movies do you wish artists made more fan art of?

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