Natasha Teymourian isn’t the girl from Ipanema but she’s still Carioca. A native Brazilian, she was born in Rio de Janeiro and aims to deromanticize the exotic through storytelling.

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She’s the author of the poetry collection Recurrent Events and the founder of rice + beans (formerly known as Epigraph Press). She currently lives in San Diego, California, where she got her BA in Literature & Writing Studies from California State University San Marcos. By day, she works as an SEO content writer. By night, she makes angsty art.

Being an artist infuses the business of everyday living with not only beauty but curiosity. She’s in it for the contrast, the counter-intuitive, the strange, the dark, the enigmatic, and the inspiring cultures that she’s grown up as and around. Originally a poet, she uses her background in creative writing to help brands craft their narratives.

When she’s not behind the keyboard, lens, or canvas, Natasha can usually be found on planes & in museums in search of inspiration. She’s also been spotted in local coffee shops debating whether she actually needs another bag of beans (she never does need more but no one ever stops her).