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Infamous for her eyebrows and vibrant surrealism, Frida Kahlo is a disabled latinx icon. 

Friducha, or the way Kahlo expressed her inner emotions and thoughts in her paintings, can be summed up by her popular quotation: “They thought I was a Surrealist, but I wasn’t. I never painted dreams. I painted my own reality.” 

Images of Frida with a broken back and other injuries are often seen in her work alongside representations of her strength, femininity, and beauty — she truly mastered acknowledging her pain without garnering pity or tragedy; she just shared her everyday existence. An all-around passionate woman, her openness in art, love, and life rejected societal expectations.

For all the lovers, the painters, the writers, the dreamers, the makers, the chronic-pain-ers, the non-conformers, and anyone else who views the future as fluid: second chances always offer the opportunity for improvement.


Block Ink on Cardstock, 2019
8.5″ x 11″

** Print only, frame not included **

* This print was sketched & carved out on linoleum by hand, and is printed onto white cardstock in ink.
* Each print is hand printed to order. Therefore, please account for natural variations on your one-of-a-kind print. Extra effort is made to ensure that each print is similar in quality to the primary photo.
* Artist name, title, and year are lightly signed below the printed image in pencil.
* The paper is card stock.
* Sealed in a clear plastic sleeve and shipped to you in a flat envelope.
* Order multiple prints in same order for a shipping discount.

** Contact me or place a custom order if you’d like any customization to the print. This can be done for a small additional fee. **

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