Selected Publications

“Sky and Earth Atone A Mirage of Still Agonies,” “Tracing the Outlines of Nepenthe,” “The Collage of Memory,” “Clocks with No Hands,” & “A Crypt of Desire” — Moonchild Magazine, forthcoming 2019 (all poems originally published in Recurrent Events, February 2018)

“The Future is Destruction” — post ghost press, forthcoming June 2019

“To All My Shitty Bathroom Haircuts” — Honey & Lime Lit, March 2019

Gorging on Overripe Gold” — Guttural Magazine, February 2018

Call Me” — Honey & Lime Lit, February 2019

Sky And Earth Atone A Mirage of Still Agonies” — Rose Quartz Journal, January 2019

Mollusk Town” — Sad Girl Review, October 2018


Books & Full-Length Zines

Fortune Cookie Truisms” Zine — Epigraph Press, March 2018

Recurrent Events” Chapbook — Epigraph Press, February 2018